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Job Interview in Business

Please put this questions in the interview 1-how did you get started in this job? 2-what a typical day like from the moment you came to leave ? 3- whats something that you normally do ? 4-what do you like most ? 5-what do you like least ? 6-what is the inter salary? 7-what is […]

Los Angeles Phil. Orch. Concert/ Scheherazade

I went a concert on Walt Disney Concert Hall from Los Angeles Phil. Orch. and it was Scheherazade from Rimsky Korsakov. Essay Detail: Concert Attendance Report For this project you need to plan ahead. You will need to attend a Symphony Orchestra Concert or Opera in order to complete it. As long as it […]


There are 3 reading:1.( 2: ( Formal and Informal Curricula to Improve Interactions Between Home and International Students(I will upload it later) Guiding Questions Week 8 1. Among the three pieces of readings, what appears to be common good practices of universities adapting to international students? 2. In Schools Must Help International Students Adjust by […]

Sexism can be Dangerous to Society

Does the introduction provide a good overview of the topic that will be explored? Does it have an interesting hook or lead-in? 2) Does the essay have a creative, interesting title? 3) Is there a clearly stated, precise thesis statement? 4) Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea […]


The things left behind or thrown away can hold more information about the people doing the discarding then their cities and monuments. While archaeologists of the past sought the tombs of kings, modern archaeologists tend to focus on trash middens in the search for information. The trash of the common member of the culture is […]

Choose an Appropriate Topic

After careful reading the Bernard Reich chapter and chapter 4 in the Fawaz Gerges book and the November 11-13 PowerPoint presentation answer the following question: Do president Obama actions towards Israel correspond to and match the ‘special relationship status detailed by Bernard Reich? in other words, what is your understanding of the US Israel special […]

Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics

Requirements : 2 pages typed and doubled-spaced in standard 12 point Times New Roman font type and a bibliography. Should be formatted according to the standard MLA formatting. You may use any resources that you find appropriate. Directions: You are to select a current case case (you may simply Google with search terms such as […]

Analysis of Gail Tsukiyama’s novel ” The Samurai’s Garden”

Write a minimum three-page analysis of The Samurai’s Garden. Please use examples and quotes ( At least 5 and please put the book page number ) from her novel. Thesis statement can be theme(s), analogies, character (s), comparison/contrast, or classification/division. All thesis support/ examples/ evidence must come from the novel. Please write 5 paragraphs for […]

American Art

Discuss the role of figuration and abstraction in American art from 1850 to 1950. USE five example. ( examples#1; Homer, The banjo lesson, The turtle pound, The gulf stream)(#2; Eakins,Max schimidt in a single dcull, Portait of edith mahon, Gross clinic)(#3; Whisler, Portait of Painter’s morther, Mother and child, Nocturne blue and gold)(#4 O’keeffe, Evening […]


1. According to the historian James Horton, “Slavery was not a side show in American history—it was the main event.” Write an essay that defends, refutes, or modifies his statement. In your answer, consider the importance of slavery in the politics and culture of the United States (North and South) in the Constitution, early United […]

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