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Discussion of 4 antibodies test by three different methods. (SPRCA, CAT, and TUBE method).

  The experiment :1- This experiment is about testing the sensitivity, longevity and specifety  for four Antibodies ( Anti-M, Anti-S, Anti-K and Anti- duffy Fya) by ysing three different methods or techniques.2-  Also, this experiment done to test the SPRCA method for two different blood group samples (reverse and forward).The methods:Three different methods used in […]

Pacific Systems Corporation, Inc. (PSC) – Personal Computer Market

  Review the Module 5 Case Study (pdf)Preview the documentView in a new window, and answer the questions below in a three to five page report: Questions: 1.What is your recommended sourcing strategy in this case? Please support your decision with quantitative and qualitative evidence gathered during the case analysis. Also, present your plan to […]

Chapter 5 (European Option Pricing-Black-Scholes Formula), Mathematical Modelling and Methods of option pricing, Lishang Jiang.

  General information for the proje?t: 1. The project consists of an oral presentation (10%) and a written report (20%). You should read and understand the material provided to you, and be able to explain the involved concepts with your own words. You should search for and read other materials if you are confused with […]


  Here is the instruction for the first story Minimalist Style With minimalist style and subtext, modernist stories express the unsaid, the unsayable, the unconscious — oftentimes requiring the reader to infer meaning and understanding. In “Hills Like White Elephants,” Hemingway suggests a difference between apparent reality and inner reality, often expressed through imagery and […]

Family Law

There are a?pr?x?matel? 7 topics to choose from. I wouldn’t have a Dutton article, could he choose another topic to write about? The time flies, we alread? have lost a three days. And I couldn’t be able to give him more days than 7 I am afraid ASSIGNMENT TWO Write a 2500 word research project […]

Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks

  Read the papers: Esteva, A. et al., “Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks”, Nature 542, 115–118 (2017) (available on attachements). and: Leachman, S.A. and Merlino, G., “The final frontier in cancer diagnosis”, Nature 542, 36–38 (2017) (also available on attachements) Please use additional research on the internet while writing the paper […]

Logic Model

  Assignment: Create a Logic Model The process of creating a logic model allows a program planner to carefully think through the resources available, activities implemented, and short-, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes that a program hopes to achieve. For this Assignment, you create your own logic model for a program of your choosing. If you […]

IP Addressing for Final PT

  Instructions Assign IP addresses to all devices. Configure static routing. You must be able to ping any device from the corporate networks, except the home PC’s. Submit documentation of your network including a network diagram, ip addressing information (using one of the Cisco lab documents as a sample layout), screen shots of pings from […]

Developing an Advocacy Campaign part-2

  1-Explain whether your proposed policy could be enacted through a modification of existing law or regulation or the creation of new legislation/regulation. 2-Explain how existing laws or regulations could affect your advocacy efforts. Be sure to cite and reference the laws and regulations using primary sources. 3-Provide an analysis of the methods you could […]

Advanced Information Management

  1. Analyze the te?hnology necessary to meet the federally mandated requ?rements that w?ll affect two merged healthcare organ?zations. 2. Describe the ?roject committee by doing the following: a. Identify four essential interdisciplinary team members to be on the project committee, including each team member’s position in the organization. b. Describe the role each team […]

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