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Human Resources Management

First I would like to tell you that you do not need to add a source for this paper. Original thoughts mostly. I will not hand it in. Just read the case, and briefly answer the questions writing a short paragraph for each question. It does not have to be in essay format. What I […]

Step UP

Write a 3 page type, double-spaced paper analyzing character development as shown through movement sequences in the film. your paper should discuss a minimum of three detailed scenes as examples which illustrate character and/or plot development. PLEASE DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE FILM–I HAVE SEEN IT! YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO IF YOU PROVIDE ME WITH […]

Cleaning Elections: Campaign Finance

Reform Research Article Critique The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate, or critique, a research article in your field of study. The article may be something you found online or in hard copy at the library. For the article you select, provide a brief (at most, one page) summary of the research. Then, using […]

US Supreme Cases

The references should be from the book called Criminal Law by Thomas J. Gardner and Terry M. Anderson. These cases are from this book, So cite it like you have the book. Also, You can choose other cases from the book if you want. Do not use outside cases and outside references. Each case should […]


"It is something of a truism in literary criticism that one of the main philosophical concerns of modernism is that of the essential isolation of the human being. Generate an analytical reading that examines Eliot’s representation of the eponymous “hero” of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” with this concern squarely in mind. Your […]

Civil War

Although the Civil War was between North and South, it was American expansion in the West that aggravated old tensions, raised difficult questions for an increasingly divided nation, and lit the fuse of the Civil War. Is it fair to say that the Manifest Destiny or Manifest Design of the West caused the Civil War? […]

Gain Awareness of Electric car in San Francisco/Bay Area

Focus on Electric car only. All sources can be internet sources but can’t be blog post. Follow the outline I provided which will be upload separately. Audience will be "Car Dealer" and "Potential new car buyer", the writer can define who is the primary and second audience by themselves. This purpose of this proposal is […]

German Film “Wings of Desire

FILM: “Wings of Desire” by Wim Wenders Analyze at least one optional film and apply knowledge gained from lectures, readings, and research. Paper needs to analyze the film’s significant cinematic techniques and take into account the film’s historical and cultural context. You need to have 2-or 3 films also be compared or a film can […]

Xbox One

Create a proposal detailing the problem xbox one will solve, the benefit to the company and why it should be implemented. The report will use porter models, to analyze and describe the business benefit. Some of the questions that must be addressed are listed below and may include more information: – what problem will be […]

Treatment and Recovery Project (Sexual Addiction: Pornography)

TREATMENT AND RECOVERY PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS This paper is to be 8–10 pages (not including abstract, title page, and reference page). It must be in APA format including in-text citations and references. You must have at least 10 sources, three of which may be books, but the rest must be journal articles that date back no […]

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