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Thanks Letter

Saudi Diesel Company I’m an electrical engineering, I was selected for a job opportunity in this company and I get rejected , all what I need is a good and powerful thanks letter that might take it under consideration for any future opening positions.

Service Quality

Write an assignment that will emphasize important issues regarding one of the following major points: not exceed 3 pages (including cover page, table of contents and references pages) in other words the main content of the report shall not exceed one page. The report is about Various complexities and challenges facing the service organizations in […]

How Does Poverty Impact Children’s Health and Education?

I am a foreigner student and English is my second language.Well, I am taking English 100 Composition right now.The paper that i would like you to write for me is the FINAL paper.However, i always get C at my papers.SO can you please get for me B at this paper not A because I know […]

English Online Response

TextBooks: Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe ed. Michael Shinagel (Norton) J.M. Coetzee, Foe (Penguin) For those who were supposed to post online responses this week please post on the following passage: “I am not a story, Mr. Foe. I may impress you as a story because I began my account of myself without preamble, slipping overboard […]

Congress Discipline

Passing legislation in Congress amounts to a collective action problem where members of Congress must work together to pass legislation. What are some ways in which the party leadership can promote discipline within the ranks and ensure that its members will vote along party lines? In your answer, be sure to explain why. 1) 12 […]

Sexism can be Dangerous to Society

Does the introduction provide a good overview of the topic that will be explored? Does it have an interesting hook or lead-in? 2) Does the essay have a creative, interesting title? 3) Is there a clearly stated, precise thesis statement? 4) Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea […]

Operations Management

1.identify some of the micro operations to be found at the airport. for each one : a) identify the transforming and transformed resources ; b) state which is predominant transformed resource ; c) describe the output of each micro operation and say who you think are its customers 2). summarize the job of the operations […]

Change of course of literature through times (Shakespeare “Hamlet ” and Moliere “Misanthrope”

Write a paper of approximately two pages (at least 500 words) discussing the change in the subject matter of literary works that takes place through the course of modernity. What are early modern writers (such as Shakespeare and Molière) interested in and why? How does the focus of literature change? and when and why does […]

Benefits and Issues Surrounding Data Mining and its Application in the Retail Industry

Outline of Project: This project will commence with an investigation of what Business Intelligence is. The investigation will then concentrate on the data mining aspect of Business Intelligence, discussing perceived benefits and negatives to a business within the retail sector whilst using a case study to contrast two similar sized businesses, one who are currently […]


The paper should demonstrate good understanding of how the terrorist groups are using the chemical materials to accomplish their tasks. in addition to a view of how we might stop such thing from happening either by governmental or personal efforts. web references are preferable.

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