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Choose one theory in Essay Question #1, and then write thoughtful responses to questions 2 and 3. Read the instructions to proceed.
1.Erikson OR Maslow a.Identify and explain each developmental stage of Erikson�s Eight Stages of Man. Or, explain Maslow�s Hierarchy of Needs..
b.Based on the theory you chose to discuss, use your imagination or a story of someone you know to create and explain a client situation or problem that relates to the perspective you chose to write about..
c.Then, define the client problem or problems and describe where on the hierarchy or at what stage your client is functioning..
2.Consider the case of Almeada and baby Anne in Chapter 1 of the Woodside and McClam text.a.What problems in living did they experience?.
b.Do you believe that the human service delivery system addressed each of these problems effectively? Why or why not?.
c.Provide three reasons that explain why you believe that Almeada was, or was not, self-sufficient..
d.Where do you see Almeada and her daughter Anne 10 years from now?.
3.Early history of Human Servicesa.Describe the role of the church in the early history of human services. What influence, if any, did the church have on the creation of the Elizabethan Poor Laws?.
b.Discuss the importance of the Elizabethan Poor Laws to human services in both England and the U.S.


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