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This week�s readings argue that one of the most straightforward ways to look at dialogues during change and crisis is to believe that a particular dialogue is dominant in an organisation. The idea that entire organisations become subsumed by one discourse opposes the reality that varying discourses occur during a change or crisis process. This realization led to the development of a school of thought dubbed trialectics: change through replacement or synthesis, procedures acknowledging that loss has the potential to lead to something better.
Given this week�s required readings and your further research, complete a 750-1,000 word Literature Synthesis by Saturday that:
Critically evaluates key arguments from both a scholarly and a practitioner-oriented point of view;
Critiques underlying assumptions evident in the articles and identifies any new insights for practice and scholarship;
Extends the thinking and application of your review with additional resources and experiential analyses.
Your Literature Synthesis will be brought to the Learning Set for further consideration to inform the problematising of the workplace-based problem you have chosen for this module�s CAL Project.


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