The use of 360-Degree Assessments in Succession Plans.

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� Analyze the use of 360-degree assessments in succession plans.
o Describe two ways 360-degree assessments can contribute to the succession planning process, and two ways they can be ineffective.
o Identify candidates for 360-degree assessments. For example, should every employee receive a 360-degree assessment or should it be conducted only on high-potential or senior-level employees?
o Describe how providing feedback to employees from a 360-degree assessment can be streamlined to benefit the organization.
o Explain at least two negative consequences that can result from failing to give feedback following a 360-degree assessment.
Evaluate performance review implementation options.
o In your organization, which would be more effective to implement�a multi rater system or a one-supervisor rating system?
? Justify your solution by including how your choice would be more effective in achieving the goals of your succession plan. In addition, explain what makes the opposing approach not as effective within your organization.
? Specifically cite the predicted benefits and negative consequences of your decision.


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