A country analysis Term Paper Available

A country analysis
                     A country analysis

A country analysis

you are a bright and”up and coming” employee in a medium-size fictitious american company. This company manufactures and sells a consumer product. At this time the company manufactures domestically only, but there have been increasing inquiries from overseas. Because of this, your director of sales and marketing believes that a market exist abroad which might justify an effort of some sort (e.g. manufacturing, licensing, acquisition or export). She has for some time thought about entering a foreign market. Your job is to select the country where the initial effort will be made and make a recommendation as to whether or not to enter that foreign market. If your recommendation is “yes”, you must support it, and how to do it. If “no”, you must justify your decision.


  1. Identify the country which u have analyzed. Clearly define the advantages and disadvantages for your company of entering the market.Do a SWOT analysis as it pertains to your company, and only for doing business in the country which you selected.
  2. Describe the political, legal, economic and business environment of the country which you have selected.
  3. If u recommend entering the foreign market, you must describe the method by which you enter that foreign market. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of that method.
  4. Identify some of the problems and risks which your company will face in doing business abroad.The problems and risks should be stated in terms specific to the country which you have selected. You must also describe hoe to minimize or eliminate those risks.
  5. Make your final recommendation and justify the recommendation, whatever it will be.

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