A Film Review Prompt On Race to Nowhere

A Film Review Prompt On Race to Nowhere SOC 413

Film Review Prompt

A Film Review Prompt On Race to Nowhere
A Film Review Prompt On Race to Nowhere

Film reviews will allow the student to critically examine and respond to the readings and connect elements of the themes within the films. Students will be expected to actively engage in a critical in-depth analysis of the ideas in the readings and demonstrate their knowledge in short written assignments. Using the Ballantine, Hammack, Stuber (2017) book as a model, you will write a review of the assigned film, using sociological theory and the film we watch about that particular educational issue to analyze each other. Use the Ballantine, Hammack, Stuber  (2017) chapters and any collateral readings as a model for your review.

A Film Review Prompt On Race to Nowhere

Reviews should be around 2-4 pages long (Times New Roman font, double-spaced, size 12, no cover page). There will be a total of 2 film review papers due at 50 points each, for a total of 100 points. In-text citation and reference, the page must be included.

In your Film Review, you must completely address each of the following:

  1. Briefly explain the plot of the film, and determine the relationship to your theory: does this film provide a good example of this theory? Make the connection.
  2. Briefly explain the premise of the theory that applies to the film, including all concepts, language and other information that will be relevant to the reader when they read your analysis. Do not take for granted that your reader knows the theory– teach the theory through your analysis.
  3. Provide evidence for your thesis. How so, or why not? Provide 2-3 concrete examples from the film to back up your arguments, making very clear connections to the concept of the theory. Again, use the Ballantine,

Hammack, Stuber (2017) book as a model and supplemental readings via

Cougar Courses, and analyze the film, using the concepts of the theory. All appropriate citations must be included (ASA).

A Film Review Prompt On Race to Nowhere Criteria Possible Points

Your ability to correctly apply and connect sociological theory to the film and current events (providing evidence)


Your ability to clearly demonstrate your use of research (Ballantine, Hammack, Stuber text) and in application to the chosen concept (clarity in writing)


Your ability to communicate your thoughts in writing to include appropriate grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, evidence of appropriate editing (in-text citation and page numbers) (grammatical prose)


TOTAL 50 points

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