A Graphical Game or Application Mohad

A Graphical Game or Application Mohad Hi, I’m an undergraduate student and I need help with C++ project. I need you to build a game that will be easy for me to explain because I have to present it to my professor and he will grade it for me so please I want a good and easy game that meet the requirements below.

A Graphical Game or Application Mohad
A Graphical Game or Application Mohad

I want you to tell me what game or application you will do for me before you do it. Please don’t copy and paste any code from outside websites because this is the last project I have and don’t want to screw up the work for the whole semester.

  1. Learner Objectives:

At the conclusion of this programming assignment, participants should be able to:

Design, implement and test classes in C++

Apply game or application design principles

Implement and apply inheritance and polymorphism

Apply graphics to a solution

  1. Prerequisites:

Before starting this programming assignment, participants should be able to:

Analyze a basic set of requirements for a problem

Compose basic C++ language programs

Describe what is an inheritance

Create basic test cases for a program

Apply arrays, strings, and pointers

Declare and define constructors

Declare and define destructors

Compare and contrast public and private access specifiers in C++

Describe what is an attribute or data member of a class

Describe what is a method of a class

Apply and implement overloaded functions

Distinguish between pass-by-value and pass-by-reference

Discuss classes versus objects

III. Overview & Requirements:

Some game possibilities are listed below:


Texas Hold ’em




However, you may NOT develop a solution to the game of Snake or Pong!!! You must apply inheritance and polymorphism in your solution. You are also required to develop a test class and implement 5 test cases for your application.

Your goal for the assignment is to build a complete graphical, and possibly networked, game or application. As a team, you must ultimately decide how you will implement graphics. You have many tools and library options available to implement the graphics portion of the assignment. Some include the Unreal Engine, SFML, Qt, SDL, Allegro, DirectX, OpenGL, etc. Please be sure to also add some directions of how to play the game or use your application. Aside from the requirements listed in the above paragraph, you are free to complete this assignment as you see fit. We will have a Gamefest! At which point you will need to allow other students in the class to play your game or use your application.

Have fun with this assignment!

  1. Submitting Assignments:

Your .zip file should contain a project workspace. Your project folder must have at least two header files (.h files), three C++ source files (which must be .cpp files), and project workspace. Delete the debug folder before you zip your project folders.

Your project must build properly. The most points an assignment can receive if it does not build properly is 200 out of 200

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