A Manufactory Game Pricing Report

A Manufactory Game Pricing Report Here is 5 pages report you need to write and 2 tableau graph you need to make.

We did a manufactory game during class (I posted the file which tells

A Manufactory Game Pricing Report
A Manufactory Game Pricing Report

you what the game is) After this game, we need to write 20 pages report about it. My part is about pricing. I also uploaded what the requirement is and database (We are group E so you only need to read Group E’s database) about this report. I will post a guideline later about what our strategy is. You should use the database to make tableau and write 5 pages on the pricing part. Actually, we failed in this game. So you can write about why we failed. One of the files which were called report details may help you to know what you need to write. The report should base on Tableau Graph. So exact data from the file which I posted and making graph first, please:)

A Manufactory Game Pricing Report Sample Questions

I find some sample questions that you can choose (for the project report)

Pricing: How did your price compare to other teams? Did you use competitor pricing as a part of determining your prices? How were your prices compared to those of your competitors? What strategy did you use to determine your price? Did you use a strategy that looked at production costs and then marks up the muesli a certain amount or a certain percentage, or did you use market forces to determine your price?

Demand (region to sell): Which areas and which types of retailers bought the most of your muesli?

Promotion (Advertising): Did you use advertising? Did you use it effectively? Did you advertise products that you did not have in stock? Did you raise prices on those products you were advertising?

Monitoring market (news, price changes, significant events, etc.): Describe the market behavior and any insights that would have helped you to be more competitive. What impact did the news and other things going on in the environment have on your strategy?

Our pricing stuff is:

We used ZMarket look up what the industry prices were and then adjusted our prices based on what the other companies were selling their products for – we aimed to sell slightly below the market price

These adjustments happened around 2-3 times each

Later on (day 2?), we started adjusting our prices based on the costs of the ingredients for them

This was for blueberries and strawberries specifically – it looked like they were very expensive ingredients and that the cost was higher than our selling price, so we were losing money

This was when we first started to pay attention to the prices of the ingredients


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