A Professional Code Of Conduct and Command Theory

A Professional Code Of Conduct and Command Theory A Professional Code Of Conduct Paper 1,000+ word minimum
12 point font
Double spaced
One inch margins

A Professional Code Of Conduct and Command Theory
A Professional Code Of Conduct and Command Theory

Cover page (APA format)
Running head and page # (APA format)
Introduction and Conclusion (no abstract required)
At least 3 ethical theories applied (Pick from: Hedonism, Desire Satisfaction Theory, Divine Command Theory, Natural Law Theory, Ethical Egoism (NOT Psychological Egoism), Consequentialism or Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Social Contract Theory, Ethical Relativism (can include Cultural Relativism) – if you veer from this list, you MUST check with Prof. Hammack – failure to do so may result in 0 for that critical thinking section.
Headings for Intro, Conclusion, and each Ethical Theory (APA format)
Reference page (APA format)
Minimum 6 sources on Ethical Theory NOT the “topic” (DO NOT USE Pp slides or videos).
Ethical arguments included in any chapter can be used in your papers. I am not looking for your opinion; I am looking for an ethical viewpoint. You can include any relevant personal experiences, graphs, charts, and any other information that may help you describe your moral dilemma. Be sure to include a minimum of 6 total sources using APA guidelines and include them in your references and citations to help you highlight your ethical theory application. Writing is expected to include critical thinking about how ethical theory and information from your references relate to each assignment topic.
A Professional Code of Conduct
This paper will include a set of five to ten principles (that you create) that, combined together, provide a code of conduct for YOU in the role YOU plan to fulfill in your professional life. You may focus on a code of conduct as the professional you will be or you may address a code of conduct you will share with your staff or co-workers in your professional role, i.e. owning a retail company, managing a veterinary clinic, etc. You should begin by researching codes of conduct that exist for people in your position, either by personally inquiring or by doing online research. You may use some of these in your code of conduct but you must add your own to put your stamp on it. The sources you find and use should be referenced appropriately.
Once you have established the codes of conduct, you must discuss what ethical theory (or theories) apply or reject each code. This should be the main focus of the paper. You must discuss at least 3 separate ethical theories. This means thoroughly defining each theory with at least 2 separate, credible sources and then step by step explaining how the codes apply or rejects an ethical theory.
Within reject, you may also discuss the reasons for your code of conduct choices indicating the overall intent of your code in its entirety.
Here is my paper #1, follow my major in paper #2.

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