A Proposal for a Church to be organized in Brooklyn

A Proposal for a Church to be organized in Brooklyn Create a Proposal for a Church to be organized in Brooklyn New York

A Proposal for a Church to be organized in Brooklyn Assignment

Purpose: Apply the concepts & insights from the course to the creation of a proposal for a new Religion/Church to be organized in Brooklyn, New York.

A Proposal for a Church to be organized in Brooklyn
A Proposal for a Church to be organized in Brooklyn

Task: Develop a proposal for the creation of a Religion. You proposal MUST

Address the following questions;

Planning: Any type of collective action has to have three critical components:

  1. A Common Experience
  2. A Shared Mental Model
  3. An Achievable Goal

Use this model to think about whom the target audience of your religion is – what are the group characteristics, common experiences, hopes and dreams of the people who you think would be attracted to your religion.

Guiding Questions

  • Identify strategies for the recruitment and retention of members.
  • Create an overarching narrative.
  • Identify rules for entry and exit.
  • Identify strategies for promoting cooperation among members of your church.
  • Identify a target group/demographic for the recruitment of members.
  • Describe your relations with and/or your approach to competitors (i.e. other churches).
  • Identify rituals and practices that reinforce your group’s identity.
  • Identify a means of economic support for your enterprise.

What are the outcomes that you want your religion to produce???


  1. Develop a proposal which will include all of the features and practices of your Religion including a marketing strategy.
  2. Prepare a short essay explaining how the Religion that you helped develop addresses the key issues discussed in the course regarding the sociological features of religion. It should also include an assessment of how viable or feasible your proposal is and reflect on what you have learned from this assignment.

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