A report relevant to Civil engineering Paper

A report relevant to Civil engineering
A report relevant to Civil engineering

A report relevant to Civil engineering

A report relevant to Civil engineering


Pick a topic relevant to your interest in Civil Engineering with Environmental implications

PICK A TOPIC and write a Report about it and include information from other sources, so it could prove what you’re talking about.

Rubric for grading make sure you follow them:

Abstract: Clearly states problem and question to be resolved; clearly summarizes method, results, and conclusions.

Introduction: Provides background research into the topic and summarizes important findings from the review of the literature; describes the problem to be solved; justifies the study; explains the significance of the problem to an audience of non-specialists

Discussion: Addresses the topic with clarity; organizes and synthesizes information; and draws conclusions

Conclusion: Presents a logical explanation for findings; presents clear recommendations and/or implications for future research

Mechanics and documentation: Is free or almost free of errors of grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics; appropriately documents sources

Please make sure you follow these information and let me know if you have any questions

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