A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach

A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach Title: A Stakeholder & Issues Management Approach Author: Joseph W. Weiss Edition: Sixth Edition, 2014 Publisher: Berrett-Koehler ISBN: 978-1-62656-140-3 Case Study #1: Ford Pinto Fires (Page 91) Students will be writing a three-page paper.

A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach
A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach

Each paper should: Address your ethical position on the issue(s) in the case Discuss the “Questions for Discussion” at the end of the case Connect the case with key ethics concepts in the chapter readings. Each paper must conform to the APA guidelines. Students that do not follow APA formatting will have their paper deducted by 10 points. For more information about APA writing guidelines, please contact the Citrus College Library or go to the following online writing lab: https://owl.english.purdue.edu Below is a template showing the proper page format for this assignment. Each chapter should be labeled using the approved APA Header 1. Next, students should write out each of their selected questions with an APA approved Header 2. For example Chapter two: Ethical Principles, Quick Tests, and Decision-Making Guidelines (Header one) Question 1: Is simply meeting safety standards a sufficient product design goal of ethical companies? What are some specifics stories Doug could use to make his presentation more interesting? Create some likely possibilities. (Header two) – The paraphrased question should be single spaced.

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