A world without art Essay Assignment Paper

A world without art
              A world without art

A world without art

Wk 1: Discuss 1
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Discussion Prompt: A World Without Art
In Chapter One (Lewis & Lewis), we read:

“Artists often say that someone can really ‘see,’ as if most people cannot. What an artist means by seeing is difficult to explain, but it is something like the totally involved gaze of a newborn child, hungrily looking at everything as if it had never been seen before, not blinded by preconceptions. All of us like to see things, but in the midst of a busy life our seeing becomes stale, our eyes jaded. Art can renew the pleasure of seeing and help us feel more alive. Many people have had the exhilarating experience after leaving a museum of noticing that the world outside looks much more interesting and beautiful” (p.4).

Topic 1 requires some thought. Answer honestly and with consideration: What if we lived in a world without art?

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