Academic Analysis of Boredom(When I’m alone I find it boring)

Your first task is to choose a specific situation that you find boring ( In my proposal I already chose the situation that I find boring: "When I?m
alone at home in a silence I find it very boring, even if I have lots of things to do. I always have my TV on even if I?m not watching it, I just like when
somebody is talking on the background. I always have to be around someone even if they are doing their own things and not talking to me. So being home alone
is very boring for me." This will be the topic of your essay.
For this assignment you will analyze a specific ?boring? situation/thing/phenomenon, and try to better understand the situation by applying one or more
academic perspectives (a well confirmed explanation of the way our world operates; for example: an academic study) to the situation.
Your essay will need to cite at least 1 academic source ? a theory of boredom. Additionally, it will likely be necessary to do more research in order to
fully describe and investigate your topic, though there is no minimum number of academically appropriate sources (beyond your theory) that you must use in
order to do so.

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