Action Plan Creation and Civil Action Project

Action Plan Creation and Civil Action Project Background: Civic action does not begin or end on election day.

Action Plan Creation and Civil Action Project
Action Plan Creation and Civil Action Project

Citizens participate in the political process by voting, but also by contacting lawmakers, working with the media, building consensus and coalitions, and educating others in their communities.

Problem: A county road intersection is also a school bus drop-off and pick-up point. School children must cross the county road to the opposite side to board the bus and cross again upon departing the bus. There are no warning signs or speed limit signs, and morning and afternoon traffic includes slow-moving tractors to speeding sports cars. In the winter, snow and ice often blanket the road. A cattle crossing is two hundred feet from the bus pick-up/drop-off point. This is an accident just waiting to happen. You have decided to take action on this dangerous situation before an accident occurs. Instructions: Step 1: Choose only one of the two options.

In a Word document, create an “action plan” to move the bus stop pick-up/drop-off point to a new location.

In a Word document, Create an “action plan” to have road signs and speed limits installed at this location.

Step 2: In a Word document, draft a letter that explains why you are taking this action. You may use fictitious data as long as it is reasonably believable. Click here to see an example.

Step 3: In a Word document, create a petition that voters can sign to go along with your letter of explanation.

Step 4: In a Word document, explain how you would implement this action plan to reach all voters affected by your action plan. (There’s much territory to cover. Don’t plan on you doing all the footwork.)

They don’t have to be long word documents, just a bit of information on each. I am writing you need 4 papers they only need to be a paragraph so on each. So A DIFFERENT PAPER FOR EACH STEP.


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