Advertising Associate at Mystery Bags, Inc.


Advertising Associate at Mystery Bags, Inc.
Advertising Associate at Mystery Bags, Inc.

Advertising Associate at Mystery Bags, Inc.

You are an Advertising Associate at Mystery Bags, Inc. For the last six months, you have been looking forward to a promotion to Advertising Team Leader. You have been told repeatedly by your supervisor, Advertising Manager Audrey McAddie, that you are first in line for the position. Today, you learned that you have been passed over for the promotion. From your perspective, the person who was promoted, Kit Jellison, has not been with the company nearly as long as you have, does not have your experience or consistent outcomes, and she does not work collaboratively as well as you

  1. In light of your work record and what was said to you leading up to the appointment of the new Team Lead, you feel that the Advertising Manager owes you an explanation.

Create an outline of the points you would like to raise with the Advertising Manager that communicate your position on this situation.

Considering the points you list in your outline, draft an email communicating your position.

Which points in your outline did you include, and which did you leave out. Why did you make these choices?

Would you send this email? Why or why not?

What other ways could you communicate your position?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of communicating in another way?

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