African American studies hip hop

African American studies hip hop
African American studies hip hop

African American studies hip hop

African American studies hip hop

This a formal paper and 600 minimun words are required. Your paper must meet academic guidelines with a thesis, justifications, citations and new research. Review the writing guidelines in the content section. This paper can be turned into the dropbox at the student’s convenience any time during final exam period.

Using course material and your new academic source(s) you have researched, select a hip hop film that is not required during the course. You can use the optional films but NOT documentaries. The film can be any hip hop film, national or international. Such a film must have a significant hip hop soundtrack or theme. ​You can pick from the fictional films listed as optional in the module summary of activities. These films are in Panopto.

The purpose of the paper is to critically analyze a film that is NOT listed as a course offering, to situate it within course ideas, theories and history. It is also to evaluate the content, mise en scene and hip hop cultural/musical influences. This is a also a good opportunity to research hip hop films from other ethnicities and races for example if you are interested in this area.

Develop a thesis after picking one or two ideas from an academic article as the starting point for analysis. Reference this primary source(s) in your first paragraph which will include your thesis. Throughout the rest of your paper you will use in-text citations referencing course ideas and including your new research.
Structure your paper so that your thesis and sub-assertions are supported by
analysis of the narrative, themes, scenes and mise en scene
academic sources — use nonacademic sparingly, most for director/actor quotes etc.
academically supported historical and cultural context
Consider as appropriate
artistic and studio motivations for the film (research directors, studio, etc. as appropriate)
who the film is intended to appeal to– its audience(s) and larger meanings for them
how the film relates or does not relate to hip hop’s theoretical concerns and issues
how it addresses or does not address African Americans, hip hop origins and what that suggests.

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