Agency interview with a social worker

Agency interview with a social worker
Agency interview with a social worker

Agency interview with a social worker

In an APA formatted paper that is to be 6-10 pages in length, the student will conduct a short assessment with an agency interview with a social worker.

The student will complete and submit:
1. An abstract in APA format
2. Notes of the assessment (these must be typed); attach your notes at the end of the paper in an Appendix.
3. A one paragraph (7-10 sentences) summary of the interaction between you and the ‘client.’
4. A reflective analysis of your process as you conducted the assessment this may also include a reflection of any experiences of doing the assessment on the social worker. This section is the basis of this assignment and should be reflected in the assignment. Writing must conform to guidelines for college level writing and use APA format for in-text citations where appropriate (typed, double-spaced). As stated in class, you may use the first-person pronoun, but very sparingly.

Reflection with the ‘client’

First, schedule an assessment with a social worker. Individuals that are assessed should be asked to schedule a date and time for the assessment.
• Please keep in mind that this assignment is strictly confidential and not to be shared with anyone outside of this course. This includes social media. Students must responsibly and professionally demonstrate ethical conduct at all times. Breach of this confidentiality risks automatic failure of this course as well as violation of department policies.
• Please allow at least 30 minutes for conducting this assessment. Make sure the location of the assessment is acceptable for your “client.”
• Please remind your “client” about the purpose of the assessment as well as your commitment to maintaining confidentiality.
i. Also, please request permission from your “client” if you want to take notes.
ii. Do not record the assessment using a phone or recording device.
• Make sure to thank your ‘client’!

Second, conduct your assessment demonstrating utmost respect of your “client” who is in the role of “cultural guide.” The goals of each assessment are three-fold: first, you are to practice and demonstrate culturally competent assessment skills, and second, you are to gather accurate information about your “client’s” experiences, and third, this is an opportunity for you to be introspective about your process regarding your emotional, thought, and behavioral journey regarding an assessment.

Try to gather as much information as possible about the respective topics recommended for each group. You may gather additional information if your “client” agrees and if there is time. Also, please make the assessment as much a dialogue as possible; if your “client” asks you questions, feel free to engage in a dialogue versus a one-way interview.

Written Reflection Paper directions:

Each Reflection Paper should include 4 parts: 1) An abstract 2) Notes of the assessment (attached at the end of the paper in an Appendix); 3) a one paragraph summary of the interaction between you and the ‘client’ – the assessment; and 4) a reflective analysis of your experience of the assessment. It is NOT appropriate to use the first-person voice in your writing. However, you may use such, but very sparingly. This means NO MORE than 3-5 first person pronouns within the body of your paper.

1-An abstract that provides readers with a quick overview of your assessment and what they can be expected to read.
2-Notes of the assessment must be typed. They should be the “evidence” on which you write your summary of the content. There is no specific page limit for your notes. Please attach your notes at the end of your paper in an Appendix.
3-Summary of the assessment should not be a word-for-word detail of everything that was said in the interview. The details should be in the notes of the assessment. The summary should be typed, double spaced, and no longer than 1 paragraph. Please include a brief description of who you assessed.

The following points are the most important in this assignment:

4-Reflective analysis (this is a very important piece of this assignment) of your experience of each assessment.
• How did you prepare for the assessment? How did you engage with your ‘client’?
• Did you gather adequate information to gain a strong understanding of the topic specific to the person you interviewed? Why or why not?
• What fears or anxieties, if any, did you have prior to or during the assessment?
• What thoughts or feelings arose during the assessment?
• What communication signals or cues did you not understand or found confusing?
• Was there the potential for misunderstanding? Explain.
• What did you find challenging during the assessment? What did you find “comfortable” during the assessment?
• What differences between you and the ‘client’ might have been obstacles to either communication or comprehension? (Identity, non-verbal language, values & beliefs, etc.).
• What, if anything, would you have done differently in the assessment?
• What is one significant lesson that you learned about your ‘client’ that is important to your future social work practice and why?
• What is one significant experience or awareness that you gained about your own self that is important to your future social work practice and why?

Questions/Topics for this assessment; please gather information about your “client’s” perspective and experiences about the respective questions/topics:

An agency assessment with a social worker or administrator (You are to identify this person and schedule the assessment on your own).
• What is your favorite food/meal? Who first prepared this food/meal for you?
• What were some good things about your life as a child that you wish you had today?
• What are some things we have in life today that you wish you had when you were a child?
• What is one national event in U.S. history that changed the way you think about either yourself or other people?
• What is one major change in our society that you don’t like and why?
• What makes life meaningful?
• What do you think is the best way for poor people to get out of poverty?
• If you could do one thing that would make a lasting difference in our world, what would that be and why?
• What do you need to live a meaningful life?
• What advice would you give a teenager today who is searching for a purpose in life?
• What gives you hope?
• What questions do you have of me?


In an APA formatted paper that is to be 6-10 pages in length, the student will conduct a short assessment with an agency interview with a social worker.

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