Agricultural development Northwest Iowa

Agricultural development Northwest Iowa
Agricultural development Northwest Iowa

Agricultural development Northwest Iowa

Make sure you choose a debatable topic. You can also select from the ideas listed below, as long as you figure out a way to bring them close to home. You will notice that the way they are listed here is only a starting point and will require you to take a specific angle on the one that you choose. For example, James Schaap’s thesis isn’t “Agricultural development is negative.” Instead, he honed in on the idea, coming to the thesis that while agricultural development in Northwest Iowa has been tremendously extensive, it has its negative points, and perhaps some of what was original to the area should be preserved. He narrowed the topic several ways.

Place: not all agricultural development, but specifically that of Northwest Iowa
Not either/or: complicates the thesis by saying that he’s not totally against the development, but instead seeks a more balanced approach
If you start with one of the ideas below, realize that it is your starting point, not your actual thesis. Your personal reflection should lead you to a position that is more complicated than the original statement from the list.

  • Media
    Pornographic magazines and films should/should not be banned.
    Violence and sex should/should not be prohibited from television
  • Sports
    Professional athletes are overpaid for their work.
    College athletes should be paid.
  • Technology
    SUV’s should be banned because they are gas guzzlers.
    Cell phone usage is a nuisance /a necessary convenience. (Solution if you think it is a nuisance.)
  • Education
    Students caught in any form of academic cheating should be expelled.
    Students should not be granted high-school diplomas until they can demonstrate reasonable competence in writing and mathematics.
    High schools should be girls-only or boys-only because coeducation interferes with learning.
    High schools should/should not enforce a dress code.
    Social and Political Issues
    Children should be able/not be able to sue their parents for negligence or abuse.
    The elderly are entitled to unlimited free medical care.

A citizen should be able to buy and keep a handgun for protection without having to register it.
The Three Strikes law is/is not a good idea.
REMEMBER: Regardless of which way you organize your information, your essay should still be structured according to the basic three-point (or 5-paragraph) structure outlined in Module 2. Please refer to the explanation, outline, and diagram given there for basic essay organization.

You will be graded based on the following checklist (slightly modified from the one in your text). 4 points possible per category.

The IDEAS provide the reader with an interesting look at your position. They also establish and defend a stand on a debatable issue. The essay provides sound reasoning and support that help the reader understand and appreciate the position.
The ORGANIZATION pattern effectively develops and supports a debatable position. It includes an engaging opening that raises the issue, a carefully sequenced development and defense of the position, and a reflective closing.
The WORDS are precise and clear; descriptions help your reader understand your position. They are concrete and lively. Jargon, cliches, platitudes, and insults are avoided.
The SENTENCES are smooth and natural. Their lengths are varied: short sentences make snappy points, while longer sentences develop thoughtful points.
The FINISHED COPY is grammatically sound and form.

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