Agriculture laws regulations Research Paper

Agriculture laws regulations
                  Agriculture laws regulations

Agriculture laws regulations

Here are some questions I need help with you will need to read over this book for help questions are attached

Laws regulations

  1. Which limiting factor is maintain appropriate levels when weeds are controlled in an area?



C)Food source

  1. The variety of procedures used to observe measure and record over time the activities growth development and abundance of organisms or the factors affecting them is called

A) detecting

B) monitoring


  1. Which measurement is necessary before researchers can judge the reliability of conclusions drawn from a replicated field trial?

A)Correlations of tolerance

B) ratios of variance

C) levels of significance

  1. reducing the use of broad spectrum insecticides to conserve naturally occurring populations I have predators and parasities Will help reduce the chance of

A)Standardized forms

B) Voice recordings

C)Specialized index cards

  1. Which problem is a direct result of overwatering

A)Outbreaks of aphids

B) mildew

C)Crown rock disease

  1. Throwing rings or tennis balls along the sample in route and sample in where the objects fall will help keep samples




  1. Which action contributes The most to the success of a pest control program

A) accurate calibration of the sprayer

B)Accurate application of the pesticide

C)Accurate identification of the pest

  1. How many trophic Levels does a typical food chain




  1. How does irrigation at their application to help keep some pesticide from moving away from the application site as airborne dust

A) it helps Soil’s maintain healthier organic matter content

B)It helps sir and pesticides become adsorbed to Soil

C) it helps incorporate certain pesticides into the soil

  1. Which activity will be made more effective if there are written records of past management actions taken at a site?

A)Selecting the safety equipment that will be needed

B)Predicting when control actions will be needed

C)Budgeting for the number of employees needed

  1. Which conditions is required for an ecosystem to remain self sustaining?

A)Related balance between the ecosystems managed and unmanaged areas

B)The offspring of a cross of two Different homozygous lines is called a




  1. Which statement defines Ld50 ?

A)The amount of legally allowable Drift 50 meters from the site of application.

B)The amount of time it takes a standard dose of a pesticide to kill 50% of the population

C) The amount of a pesticide which kills half of a group of test organism

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