American History on Revolution Essay Questions

American History on Revolution Essay Questions Answer all of these 4 essay questions, each question should be AT LEAST 2 FULL pages long.

American History on Revolution Essay Questions
American History on Revolution Essay Questions

1. To what degree did the advance of slavery and the advance of liberty parallel one another in the 17th and 18th centuries? In answering this question,
please chart the growth and significance of slavery in the English colonies. Next, consider English colonists? the sense of their own developing liberties. Be specific. Finally, how do these two strands of history come together at the time of the Revolution? Use the lectures, the textbook, and the other readings
(such as Foner’s? To Call it Freedom?).

American History on Revolution Essay Questions

2. Read the Declaration of Independence, written primarily by Adams and Jefferson. Now read it a second time, more closely, as if those time-worn words actually have meaning. What were the authors? intentions with this document? What reasons did they offer for independence, and to what extent do you feel those factors reflect the colonists? experiences? Does it matter that this was a printed document circulated throughout the colonies? (You will be given a copy of the Declaration if this question appears on the exam.)
3. What social, cultural, and geographic factors divided and/or differentiated colonists prior to the 1770s? Pay close attention to regional differences,
security, economic differences, and social demographics. Implicit in this question is the idea that the 13 colonies themselves were different from one another, and that forming a union in the 1770s might pose some difficulties.
4. Consider the momentous years between 1775 and 1800. What main issue did the Revolutionary War resolve? What issues did the 1787 Constitution resolve? By placing some groups (who?) outside the political community,? to what degree did the Framers create future tensions and social conflicts?

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