American History Paper Assignment

American History Paper
           American History Paper

American History Paper

In your own words, answer the following essay questions, each question should be around 400 words.
1. Describe the Reconstruction policies of Lincoln, Johnson and Congress. What are some
crucial elements of each of the programs? What were the presidents and Congress attempting to do? What were some of the goals of the Republican Party for
Reconstruction? In your answer assess whether Reconstruction was a success or failure, or some kind of combination of the two. Did the South lose the war, but win the peace? Explain.

2. Another response to industrialized society was the movement known as Progressivism. Who were the Progressives? What types of reforms did they advocate and provide some examples of how
Progressives met these challenges? How did most Progressives side with the competing social theories of Social Darwinism versus the environment? Finally, in what ways were immigrant restriction, prohibition and attack on vice progressive reforms?

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