American National Security Issue on Iran Nuclear Deal

American National Security Issue on Iran Nuclear Deal American National Security Issue: Iran Nuclear Deal

American National Security Issue on Iran Nuclear Deal
American National Security Issue on Iran Nuclear Deal

While 2019 might seem to be a new year for the United States of America, 2017 and 2018 were characterized by many national security issues. As a result, elected leaders continue to address these issues of national security into 2019. While fighting ISIS; a terrorist organization, endures being the top priority in as far as current issues facing American society are concerned, another crucial question that is controversial is America-Iran nuclear deal. President Trump has withdrawn America from the ìIran nuclear deal (Nephew & Goldenberg, 2018). Concerning this current issue, the critical question that many U.S citizens are asking is what America ought to do to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The issue has brought about various views from American with some opposing the latest move when others are supporting the move. Worth noting, there are two solutions to the problem that seems to be competing. Some maintain that the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal should be continued whereas others are for the idea that the agreement ought to be discontinued. According to key allies of the United States- such as Israel, the move to pull out of the deal was the best thing for Trump to do because according to them, the agreement created the path to an actual collection of nuclear instead of blocking it (Marcus, 2018). On the other hand, other allies, including the U.K., France, and EU representatives are for the idea that the deal should be saved from being discontinued.

Despite these conflicting ideas about the best solution to the issue at hand, the best solution is to continue with the deal by working with allies. Undeniably, this will ensure that Iran is not further alienated with additional sanctions. Therefore, both state and local governments have the responsibility to make sure that the federal government does not compound mistakes by leading the United States into yet another pricey, ceaseless war in the Middle East. Ideally, a nuclear-equipped Iran is not acceptable, and the federal government; more so the executive branch, has the responsibility to continue with the Iran deal as it is the only way for Iran to disassemble much of the nuclear program. Ideally, pulling out of the agreement was an enormous mistake because the decision was not taken to attain a logical motive but rather to accomplish a political promise given by president Trump during the campaigns (Regencia, 2018). Undeniably, the backing out of the deal alienated America from its negotiating partners and allies. However, at the same time, the move incentivizes Iran to move towards creating more nuclear programs. Despite this, the president’s administration has done very little to bring Iran back on the table to restore the deal. Therefore, the legislative and judicial arms of the federal government should step in to bring this mistake being made by the president to an end. Until this is done, the United States of America faces a severe national security threat against Iran, which would be not only costly but also endless.

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