An Argumentative Podium Ready Speech

An Argumentative Podium Ready Speech¬†Suppose that people in Manitoba agree with the Government of Ontario‘s recent change in their sex education curriculum as described in this article

An Argumentative Podium Ready Speech
An Argumentative Podium Ready Speech

You are asked to prepare a podium ready speech for an elderly family member to address the issue. Establish a clear link between evidence cited and evidence sourced.

An Argumentative Podium Ready Speech Required elements

1. Please include 8 different fallacies (different subcategories are ok)

  1. Footnote each fallacy with
    a. Fallacy name and subcategory (if applicable)
    b. The source relied upon to prepare the fallacy.
    C. An explanation of how the fallacy works to persuade.
  2. Your speech must be argumentative; each submission must be an extended argument in favor of a particular and specific conclusion.
  3. Include a response to an anticipated objection, include footnotes as well.
    5. Underline or boldface the thesis statement.
  4. Remember to first be a fallacy, it must be an argument.

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