An Article on the Parkland shooting Response

An Article on the Parkland shooting Response Read this article on the Parkland shooting response:

An Article on the Parkland shooting Response
An Article on the Parkland shooting Response

Then read this article on the one-year anniversary:

Choose three of the following eight theories/factors presented in this course: American political institutions (Meyer); resource mobilization (Edwards and McCarty, Olson); political process (McAdam); social ties (Munson); emotions (Gould); social structure (Piven and Cloward); innovation (McAdam); signaling (Fassiotto and Soule). Use each of your chosen theories to analyze the successes or failures of the gun control movement, using the newspaper articles as your empirical data on the movement.

For each theory, explain how the theory would explain the movement’s ability or failure to mobilize supporters, sustain momentum, and/or achieve its goals, based on the empirical evidence available. Please conclude by briefly evaluating the theories against each other: which seem to have the most explanatory power, and why? If one would have predicted success where the movement met failure (or vice versa), explain why that might be. Ground all your claims in theory and evidence, rather than personal opinion.

Cite specific pages in at least one source for each theory as well as the NYTimes articles on the movement (i.e., at least five sources should be in your Works Cited page); provide at least four citations per page. You may use up to two other non-assigned sources on the movement, but it is not required.

Papers should be 4-6 pages, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. This means each theory should take you at 1-1.5 pages, with an intro and conclusion of about Ω page each (your conclusion might be up to a page). Please include a Works Cited page, but do not count it in your 4-6 page minimum.

Please see the uploaded Grading Rubric for more information on how I will be grading these.

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