An Employee Job Satisfaction and Productivity

An Employee Job Satisfaction and Productivity
An Employee Job Satisfaction and Productivity

Problem statement; Employee job satisfaction and productivity

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Employee job satisfaction and productivity

The general business problem is that reduced level of productivity is being affected by absence of strategies to motivate employees, which has resulted in reduced profitability (Arogundade & Arogundade, 2015).
The specific business problem is that that management of organizations such as SME place more emphasis on increased productivity without providing motivation and psychological support to their employees resulting to job dissatisfaction and consequently low productivity (Deepa, Palaniswamy & Kuppusamy, 2014).
The purpose of this study is to examine the cause of employee dissatisfaction with their jobs in SME to find an amicable ways to manage this problem to help improve in the level of productivity
Studies indicate that highly motivated employees are highly satisfied and this translates into increased productivity (Deepa, Palaniswamy & Kuppusamy, 2014). Every organization that has ambitions to succeed must invest in right employees by ensuring that they provide rewards as well as psychological motivation (Arogundade & Arogundade, 2015). This will help such entities increase in their level of profitability hence be in position to provide better working conditions. Labour turnover will decrease, labour costs will reduce and conflicts and absenteeism will reduce. Employee dissatisfaction is one of the reasons that make many employees to shift to other jobs in other organization. Furthermore, decreased employee morale has a negative impact on productivity of an organization.


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Problem Statement

The Matrix solutions company is a great company that deals with supplies chain management of electronics to retailer shops. The company has employed many specialists in marketing to assist in its daily transactions. The employees range from the top management team, administration team and also the main suppliers of the electronic materials (Sanicola, 2012). The company has to ensure that there is efficiency in the delivery of electronics to the client for smooth running of the business (Stack, 2013). Various factors will determine the success of business transactions carried out by the company.

In the year 2002 five years after the establishment of the Matrix company, it had a total of 500 employees that transacted businesses to ensure the company attains 7% growth as compared to the previous two years(Zenoff,2013). As of the year 2010, the company recorded a loss of 100 employees who had gained some experience despite the low number of 50 new employees consequently leading to 10% decrease of total sales (Zenoff, 2013). The general business problem is that the lack or minimal number of   reward and benefits programs has lowered productivity in terms of electronic sales made by the company after annual financial transaction calculation. The specific business problem is that lack of reward programs that motivate the workers in their work are not used, this leads to poor retention of quality and experienced employees which consequently lead to productivity inefficiencies (La, 2011).

The study purpose will investigate the implications of not motivating the workers effectively. Studies have shown that poor retention of experienced and quality workers is one problem. The poor rewarding system for workers that bring high profits to the company might demoralize them due to lack of effective recognition. Motivation has proved to be effective in contributing to the success of the company.


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