Analytical Report of GUCCI Organization

Analytical Report of GUCCI Organization The organization I chose is GUCCI. and this essay doesn’t have a title, so just follow the instructions below.

Analytical Report of GUCCI Organization
Analytical Report of GUCCI Organization

You are required to prepare an analytical report of 3000 words on an organisation of your choice. in which you review the effectiveness of talent planning
and talent development in relation to future business requirements. you will be expected to undertake the following specific investigations in order to
complete this assignment.
1.A brief introduction providing background information on the organization and an examination of the corporate goals or strategy that are planned for the company for the next 3 years. explanation of the internal and external factors, using SWOT and/or PESTLE analyses, which could influence the supply and demand of skilled human
3.a critical assessment of how talent planning and talent development is currently achieved in the organisation, and an evaluation of its contribution to
organisational success.
-and going forward within the context of the main changes expected
-specific recommendations for improvement to talent planning and development with consideration given to a provisional implementation plan- including finance, time, resources etc.

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