Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting

Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting write an essay about the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon painting and analyze it. I need 3pages and citation page too. I write near 2 pages, but I need more pages and rewrite too.

Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting
Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting

Demolition of the Chateau of Meudon

  • Identify the painting: artist, title, date, medium, and dimensions (refer to the wall label).
  • Identify the period or style (this can be mostly determined by the date).
  • Provide a brief, clear, and accurate description of the contents of the painting. Describe what you see!
  • Relate the elements and objects viewed to material learned in class – how are they similar/different?
  • Are there objects we did not discuss? What are these and what is the function?

Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting Leila Sarafraz

History of Environmental Art Part II

Keri Shurtliff


Demolition of the Chateau of Meudon

Demolition of the Château of Meudon is an oil and canvas artwork which created by Hubert Robert (French, 1733 – 1808) at 1806 in French. The dimensions of this artwork are 113.3 × 146 cm (44 5/8 × 57 1/2 in), and today, it keeps in Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Demolition of the Chateau of Meudon painting is created in the Rococo period and the genre of this painting is landscape painting.

The château of Meudon or royal castle of Meudon was one of the significant memorials of France which was located with Paris and Versailles. This chateau has been arranged from the Renaissance until the fall of Second French Empire. The château of Meudon with a view of Paris and the Seine River destroyed during the 1700s. By beginning the French revolution in 1789, this chateau was damaged by fire in 1795 and ruined completely in 1803. Hubert Robert didn’t just paint ruins even he tried to paint facts and fictions which disappeared.

Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting

In the 18th and 19th century, paintings of demolitions were popular and Hubert Robert was a famous painter in this field. In the demolition of the château of Meudon painting, although Hubert Robert showed the destruction of the château of Meudon under the blue sky, he presented diverse human activities in terms of rest, work, and play too. It shows that while some visitors are in the balcony and look over the view, two women and a young girl admire the ruins in the center of the painting. Moreover, four laborers are directed by a man on the left side of the painting and other laborers carriage stones with wheelbarrows or by hand. On the other side, a man artist sits with his large sheet of paper while the other man takes the rest back of him. Furthermore, in terms of play, there is a young woman, who holds a baby, wants to a group of children playfully dragging a cart across the littered courtyard. By casting the main structure in strong light, Hubert Robert emphasizes on the main while other figures around it are painting in shadow.

Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting

The architectural style of château of Meudon is Baroque architecture designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Louis Le Vau. In this design, we can see symmetry, balance, power, and order.

On the other hand, the use of classical architectural forms in terms of columns, entablatures, arches, dentil molding, and pilasters and Renaissance details such as balustrades further emphasizes the overall dedication to the Greeks and Romans. the lower story features Ionic fluted engaged columns and there are several pilasters on two stories. This lower level is capped by an entablature with decorated divides it from the upper level adorned with pilasters. Again, an entablature adorned with a running garland and dentils is seen on the top of this structure. Same as the Chateau de Chambord, the overall structure of château of Meudon emphasize on horizontal which is a character of Gothic architecture and it was a concern of Rainessance.

Analyze the Demolition of Chateau of Meudon Painting

The building at the center, which is the right of the painting, is ornamented and the material is the stone. At the top of that, it looks there was an ornamented pediment (a triangle above horizontal structure of entablature) which destroyed during on the fire. Moreover, back of the pediment, similar to the Palace of Fontainebleau, the roof of the château of Meudon designed a steep tile which inspired from Francois Mansart. However, other parts of this structure are plaster.

We can see the sculpture in some bay area and there is a tower with dormer calling faraway of the viewer.

The French chateau was designed for prestige and comfort. Most of the French Chateau was included a courtyard same as Italian palazzi. However, the design of these courtyards was distinct. In this painting, the woman who holds a baby with group children is in the courtyard.

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