Annotated Bibliography for Career essay

Annotated Bibliography for Career essay
Annotated Bibliography for Career essay

Annotated Bibliography for Career essay

Annotated Bibliography Assignment for Career Essay
(50 points)
To create an annotated bibliography, please refer to the guidelines in your textbook and handbook. Your bibliography should include a minimum of five sources. For each source, you need to include full and accurate bibliographic information as well as a short paragraph evaluation as to why this information will be useful for your essay. At least two references in the bibliography must be from sources beyond an internet search. The sources you choose for your bibliography must be the same sources you use in your final essay.

Note: Your sources must be in alphabetical order.
-You do not need to use #’s or bullet points to separate the sources.
-The sources must be in full MLA format. (see below)
-Your evaluation must be written in complete sentences and say something specific about the source. Do not just say: “I will use this.” “This is good for my paper.”

Career Research Paper Requirements

• The essay must be four -five pages in length using MLA format.
• Your essay should have a formal topic outline like the model provided.
• You must incorporate at least five different sources. At least two sources must be something beyond an internet search. The sources you incorporate should be the same sources as those in your annotated bibliography.
• You must correctly incorporate each source inside the essay using parenthetical references (quotes and/or paraphrases).
• You must have a correctly formatted MLA works cited page to accompany your essay.
• The paper should be typed, double spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font.
• The essay should use 3rd person point of view only.
• Final drafts are due on Monday, 3/11.

Choosing a Topic

The topic you choose for your researched paper should be about a problem(s) that exists in the field you plan to go into. For example, educators may want to research the problem of discipline, vet tech students may want to know more about dealing with difficult humans, and health care workers may need to review confidentiality issues, and so forth.

If you are not sure about what problems exist in your field, you should begin reading journals or industry publications or web sites, ask the library staff at Gaston College to assist you in finding relevant publications in your field, or approach professors or people you know who work in the field for their ideas about current problems/issues/debates.

In the essay, you should also address the following: education requirements, salary, job duties, job prospects, and both pros and cons of occupation. You may choose to address these issues in the introductory paragraphs of your essay before diving further into the problem(s) you would like to discuss, or you may choose to incorporate these elements into the body paragraphs if any of these coincide with the problem(s) you are discussing. In your final paragraphs and/or conclusion, you should also address possible solutions to the problem(s) you discussed. What do you and others in the field think can be done to improve upon the problem(s)?

Helpful Resources: Ferguson’s Career Guide, Occupational Outlook Handbook, and the Career and Technical Education Database. All of these resources can be found on the library’s home page.

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