Antibiotics for Individual With Heart Valve Disease

Antibiotics for Individual With Heart Valve Disease (1)Precaution should be taken seriously with individuals with heart valve disease. ?

Antibiotics for Individual With Heart Valve Disease
Antibiotics for Individual With Heart Valve Disease

Patients with valve disease will be given antibiotics prior to invasive
procedures to prevent infection? (Keenan, J2011). If precautions are not taken, the individual can get endocarditis, ?a bacterial infection of the lining of
the heart that creates a build-up of debris or vegetation on the heart valves causing scarring, erosion and damage to its leaflets? (Keenan, J2011). In turn
the patient can end up with a systemic infection and also can lead to complications of Endocarditis which are stroke and heart failure.

Antibiotics for Individual With Heart Valve Disease Precautions

What other precautions should be taken for vaulvar heart disease?
(2)The media has done good and bad job on the lethal effects on cocaine in this country and even around the world. Super stars use them and come on TV and
confess we forgive, the bunch who die snorting don’t make news. We are shown mansions and planes of cocaine king pins living large and the young embrace the trade. My question too is legalization reduce use???
(3)Depression in the elderly and medication induced depression. Many elderly end up on a lot of medications from different providers and they get side
effects and interactions. Nurses or practitioners should make sure elderly patients going over with their medications and contacting doctors and pharmacies
regarding medication interactions and duplication. Most elderly would just take it because the doctor gave it to them and do not question the doctor at all
in regards to what they are taking and why.

Antibiotics for Individual With Heart Valve Disease Paper Instructions

(4)I think that the message has been out there and there have been so many young Hollywood stars that have died in the past and recently (within the past few
years), so I believe people are aware, but they think it won?t happen to them. And I certainly know of many local deaths of accidental overdoses. So I really
believe it is sheer ignorance and that these people as you stated feel bulletproof. Unfortunately once these people are taking the drugs, they are hooked.
Nothing can scare them into stopping. It will take them to hit rock bottom before them really want to stop.
I have numbered the 1-2-3 statements. Can you please answer question from paragraph at least with 100 words or over.

Antibiotics for Individual With Heart Valve Disease References

If you find any research with REFERNCE
it will be fine but please write the citation and THE WHOLE REFERENCE under the post from where it was taken ?(but please make sure to write in your own
words) that will be great! I really appreciated it. These are discussion questions and need to be answer accordingly. The way you have written EXTRAS for me
these are just the same formatting.

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