Applied Psychology Programme Assignment

Applied Psychology Programme
Applied Psychology Programme

Applied Psychology Programme

Psychological Assessment and Testing (Spring, 2019)


Topic and focus of the report introduced clearly and in an interesting way. Research gap was specified in a logical way. Topic and focus of the report were made clear. Research gap was specified. Topic and focus of the report were introduced. Topic and/or focus of the report were introduced but limited. Absence or late submission


The ideas were organized into clearly identifiable sections with logical sequence which audience can follow. The ideas were organized into identifiable sections with most information presented in logical sequence. A few minor points may be confusing. Audience had difficulty following logic because student jumps around sections. The presentation had limited identifiable sections and there was no sequence of information. Audience can not follow and understand presentation.

Sufficiency and Accuracy

Information is detailed, explicit and consistently accurate. Information was generally sufficient. No significant error was made; a few inconsistencies in information. Some information was missing. Some errors are made to distract knowledgeable listener, and/or some information are accurate.   Most information was missing and inaccurate.

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