Applying the Five Steps of Effective Thinking

Applying the Five Steps of Effective Thinking Need to watch these videos

    Applying the Five Steps of Effective Thinking
    Applying the Five Steps of Effective Thinking

Portfolio Assignment #7: Applying the Five Steps of Effective Thinking

Directions: This assignment will ask you to apply the five elements of effective thinking to the issue/problem that you described in Portfolio Assignment #2. Provide a coherent written response and address all of the questions under each step.

Step I: Brief description of an issue or problem you would like to explore more deeply (1-2 paragraphs – feel free to use Portfolio Assignment #2, the topic for your final paper) My paper is about the Rights for Abortions (pro-Choice) with a limit not cause u keep getting pregnant and not taking safety precautions .

Step II: Understand deeply (1 paragraph)

What are the essential themes of your issue/problem?

What do you know about the issue/problem and how do you know it.

Break the issue/problem down into smaller parts. Are there any easy solutions to different parts of your problem.

Do you have biases that may prevent you from seeing potential solutions?

What gaps do you need to fill in your knowledge of the issue/problem?

Step III: Getting insights from mistakes (1 paragraph)

Propose a solution to your issue/problem that you know is incorrect.

Identify one thing that is wrong with it and correct it.

Identify one more thing that is wrong with it and correct it again.

Repeat the process as many times as you wish.

What insights did you get from this exercise?

Step IV: Create good questions (1 paragraph)

Write at least three “what if…” questions about your problem that:

Focus attention on things that matter.

Lead to action and are not vague.

Step V: Generate an idea flow for your issue/problem (1 paragraph)

What is the history of it?

What has resulted from previous attempts to solve it?

Are there new ideas that build on the old ones?

If left uncorrected, what will happen in the future?

Step VI: Embracing change (1-2 paragraphs):

How has your thinking about this issue/problem changed as a result of this exercise?

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