Are we seeing the increased sexualization of women in the media ?

Assessment Criteria are descriptions of the skills, knowledge or attributes students need to demonstrate in order to complete an assessment successfully and Grade-Related Criteria are descriptions of the skills, knowledge or attributes students need to demonstrate to achieve a certain grade or mark in an assessment. Assessment Criteria and Grade-Related Criteria for module assessments will be made available to students prior to an assessment taking place. More information will be available from the module leader. The Professional Project follows on from last term’s module Management in the Creative Sector, which helped you develop the skills you need to run a research project and to think critically about the role of research for the creative /cultural industry sector. This term, on The Professional Project, you will be devising a substantial independent research project yourself and with support from your tutor and peers – bring it to fruition. Developing this project is designed to extend your skills of independent critique, your knowledge of the creative industries, your abilities of professional practice, and to help you develop ideas about how you might make a difference to an area that interests you. The Professional Project involves the production of a 6000-­-word report. This will conduct in-­- depth research into one particular aspect of a specific sector, practice or organisation. Your project will explore how this aspect affects its character, competitiveness and sustainability. The project needs to incorporate a rationale for your choice of issue, a full analysis of current strategies used to address the issues, recommendations and conclusions. In formal terms, the project should include an abstract, an introduction, a review of relevant literature, a discussion of your methodology, the research and analysis, and a discussion of the wider implications of your study

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