Aspects of Leadership Journal Entry

Aspects of Leadership Journal Entry
Aspects of Leadership Journal Entry

Aspects of Leadership Journal Entry

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For this essay (entry) it is required to maintain a weekly journal, documenting important aspects of leadership they encounter over the duration of the module. Entries into the journal may include examples of leadership personally witnessed or insights gained through readings or class discussions.

1)I want 2 entries each one is around 100 words, and each entry is in separate word document.

2)Entries should be placed in a journal.

3)Entries should be based on your learning experience after reading the attached files.

4)You are free to follow your own format as long as it is logically structured.

5)Note: To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached.


Aspects of Leadership Journal Entry

  1. Entry W8

Leaders must be in a position to take leadership of an entity and help spearhead reforms that will lead to achievement of the set goals. To achieve this, the leaders are expected to possess skills and knowledge that will enable them to lead the rest of the people. When offering training in leadership, it is important that the right candidates enroll, learning challenges should be created and mentoring services must be available. The training should as well provide experiments to ensure that they develop leadership competency (Allio 2005).  The training should as well focus on developing self-knowledge and skills in critical thinking and rhetoric thinking.  A leader is also expected to reflect on their leadership styles and actions to understand the way forward. Acton-observation –reflection models allows one to learn from the experiences as they think about the same, this enables a leader o make adjustments of the actions hence can provide superb leadership.  Assessment of leadership allows a leader to identify areas that need improvement hence promotes quality leadership.

Reference list

Allio, R 2005, Leadership development: teaching versus learning. Management Decision, vol. 43 no. 7/8, pp. 1071-1077.

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