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Authentic leadership
Authentic leadership

Authentic leadership

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Provide 2–3 examples of when you witnessed authentic leadership. What did the individuals you listed do that demonstrated authenticity and how does this compare to the findings of the attached journal article?

1)The examples I want from leaderships working in aviation only. And I prefer the examples from Aviation Companies like Qatar Airways, Etihad, and Emirates.

2) Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System.

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4) I need examples from peer reviewed articles or researches.

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Authentic leadership is built on an ethical foundation and emphasizes the need for leaders to build legitimacy through sincere relations with followers while valuing their input (Mital and Dorfman, 2012). Authentic leaders promote openness, team and individual performance and are generally positive (Pescosolido, 2002). This paper is a discussion of two leaders in the aviation industry who have demonstrated authentic leadership.

Emirate’s Vice President, Human Resources, Abdulaziz Al Ali has contributed immensely to the company’s growth through the recruitment and training of highly qualified employees. In more than one instance, Abdulaziz has supported employees and addressed employees’ challenges through embracing dialogue. One example is when there he had various meetings with employees in different work stations concerning alleged overworking and fatigue which was compromising their well-being. Abdulaziz felt that while the company’s growth was necessary, staff members deserved to be contented with their work in order to deliver efficiently. In this regard, Abdulaziz and his team of human resource managers embarked on designing more flexible shifts and regular recruitment to meet the high demand that the airline has recorded over the years. As noted by Mital and Dorfman (2012), authentic leadership is about being concerned about other peoples’ welfare and having the drive to better the lives of other.

This leader portrays empathy, a characteristic that is highly regarded in authentic leadership (Hale and Fields, 2007). Empathy encompasses an understanding of members’ needs and emotions and thereby creates an atmosphere of compassion within the organization (Mital and Dorfman, 2012; Brown, Trevino and Harrison, 2005). An authentic leader recognizes that each person is a human being and by envisioning themselves in the shoes of that person, it is possible to understand how he or she is affected by certain circumstances (Avolio and Gardner, 2005). Abdulaziz in this case must have realized that the tight schedules were exhausting for employees through the process of empathy and thereby taking the specified actions.

Fatima Al Kharousi joined Etihad Airlines through the graduate management program and has managed to win the heart of the Etihad team through her thoroughness and quality leadership skills. She was recently promoted to an airport manager to head operations in Japan’s Chubu Centrair International Airport after working in Singapore, London and Manchester as a duty manager. Fatima who is also the first Emirati woman to become airport manager at Etihad can be considered an authentic leader.

While working in London, Fatima was once faced with a major dilemma when a flight delayed for several hours; exposing customers to extreme cold. As a result, the a child of one of the clients developed a fever just as the flight was about to leave. This left the mother agonized on whether to proceed with the journey with a sick child or just forego the trip, which would mean she would get late for her engagements. Devastated, the mother sought a solution and was referred to Fatima who promised to get her a flight as soon as her daughter was treated. Unfortunately, she was flying economy class and all tickets had been booked for the next three days. Fatima negotiated for the woman to take the business class despite having paid for economy class and thereby facilitated her arrival to her destination.

This can be described as authentic leadership because Fatima recognized that it was the Airline’s fault that led to the inconvenience. As noted by Mital and Dorfman (2012), moral integrity is an important component of leadership and letting the woman wait for days to secure another ticket would have amounted to lack of concern for other people. The fact that she was empathetic and humane is an illustration that Fatima possesses leadership attributes that can be associated with authentic leaders (Avolio and Gardner, 2005).


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