Balancing Work with Family Life Interview

Balancing Work with Family Life Interview Conduct interviews with tow demographically different people to compare their experiences about balancing a job with family life. A job is any kind of paid
work, including being employed by someone else and being self-employed.

Balancing Work with Family Life Interview
Balancing Work with Family Life Interview

Family life including any kind of unpaid work, including housework, raising children,
and caring for elderly or ill relatives.

Balancing Work with Family Life Interview and the Study Purpose

For the purpose of this study, do not include those doing other type of work, for example, volunteer work or student
work choose two people who will provide a meaningful comparison, for example, by sex( a man and a women), by race (a black man and a white man), by age ( women
from different generations), or by occupation (a professional and a minimum-wage worker)
ask questions about their job (what is it? what is an average day like? how much time do you spend at work? is the workplace flexible about family matters?)
and their family life (who lives in your household? what are your responsibilities at home? how much time do you spend doing housework, childcare, repairs,
etc.?) ask questions about their strategies for handling everyday life (getting kids to school,etc ) as well as emergencies (Mom fell and had to rush to the
emergency room ). if they share tasks with others, ask how the task division occurred. For example, if you interview a married women, ask how she and her
husband arrived at their particular division of responsibilities. it is quite likely that they did not discuss it but instead unquestioningly follow a
traditional gendered pattern of behavior; listen to how they describe the process. Do not ask specific questions about gender-your task as a sociological
researcher is to analyze what they say, not prompt them in any way

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