Legalizing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use

Legalizing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use Instructor has very specific instruction I can upload instructions.

Legalizing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use
Legalizing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use

Must have rough draft first then paper and must have 3-5 verified resources with
annotated bibliog The first draft must include Draft Specifications
Type: Research Paper
Word Expectation: Proposal
Weight: 20% of Total Research Paper Grade
Part 1 – Drafting A Research Question.

Legalizing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use Requirements

Final papers must adhere to the following requirements:
APA formatted
Double spaced
Use 1” margins (remember, Word defaults to 1.25”)
Use third-person perspective
A research paper achieves several goals, but the most important are inquiring, advancing knowledge, and supporting arguments. To achieve these goals, the
writer must go beyond the usual search engines and nonacademic summaries. This essay will ask you to create a narrow research question, develop a thesis, and
support your thesis with credible research. It also will ask you to be thorough. Depending on your topic, you will either explain a process or discuss a
cause-and-effect relationship.
This first part of your research paper asks you to create a proposal and a working thesis and to begin your research.

Legalizing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use Guidelines

1. Proposal
a. During class, you worked on creating a narrow research question and you entered this into your research diary. Now take that information and turn it into
a three- to five-sentence paragraph that explains to your instructor what subtopic you plan on researching and why it is important or interesting.
Example: If the topic is time management, then a subtopic might be, “How a student might use Stephen Covey’s four-quadrant time-management system to get
better grades.”
b. In a second paragraph, describe how you plan to carry out your research. Be sure to explain where you plan to research (such as the ITT Tech Virtual
Library) and when you plan to complete your research. When you are done, add this information to your personal calendar. Be warned, research papers can be
time consuming, and having a solid plan is important to your success.
2. Working Thesis
a. Whenever you start writing, you enter into a recursive process, which is a process that requires regular revision as your paper develops. You can see an
example of this in Writing Today on p. 391. First, you must get a rough idea of where you want to go with your essay. This step is a working thesis. Once in
place, the working thesis serves as a launching point, but please bear in mind that it will change as you get a better idea of the essay you want to write.
3. Research Paper
a. Using the research diary you began creating in the “Drafting a Research Question and Working Thesis” activity, please identify no less than two and no
more than five sources that will support your topic. One goal of this assignment is to teach you how to do academic research, and so your sources must be
high quality, academic, and reliable. As such, sources from Wikipedia,,, and other such unreliable sites are not acceptable for this
The first draft must include
one resource must be from ITT Tech Virtual Library which I can give you access to. APA double space
In Unit 6, you had the opportunity to come up with a research topic and working thesis and gather data for your research paper. This week, your task is to
begin writing the body paragraphs for your research paper. As you write, attempt to answer the Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How? of the research
question. As you begin to provide details, remember to use in-text citations and to create your reference sheet as you are writing. Keep your audience and
your research question in mind as you write.
Your goal is to have enough information so that you can:
Give a factual overview of issues related to your topic.
Explain the opposing views related to your topic.
Make an argument for your view of your topic.
The body paragraphs are intended to discuss your topic, issue by issue, or chronologically if there is a historical perspective. You should divide the body
paragraphs into sections with headings, and they should present the findings of your research on your topic.

Legalizing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use Required Resources

Research Diary
Writing Today, Chapter 25
Submission Requirements
Submit your body paragraphs to your instructor at the beginning of Unit 8. Your submission should be a Word document, using 12-point Times New Roman font,
and one to two pages in length.
Submission Requirements
Attach your annotated bibliography to the back of your research diary and submit both to your instructor for review at the beginning of Unit 8.
Assignment Requirements
Use the references you cited within your research paper draft to create your APA reference page. To complete this task, you must do the following:
1. Type the word References at the top center of the page.
2. List your sources in alphabetical order by the last name of the author.
3. Double-space your page.
4. Use proper APA format for citing titles, dates, journal volumes, and page numbers.
5. Use proper APA format for capitalizing and italicizing.
Required Resources
Writing Today, Chapter 32
Prentice Hall Reference Guide
Research Diary
Submission Requirements
Submit your reference page to the instructor at the beginning of class in Unit 9.

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