Beowulf Heroic Cycle and the Hero’s journey Essay

Beowulf Heroic Cycle and the Hero's journey
Beowulf Heroic Cycle and the Hero’s                                    journey

Beowulf Heroic Cycle and the Hero’s journey

Discuss Beowulf as an example of the Heroic Cycle and the Hero’s journey

This is the final essay for the course. To complete you must fulfill the following:

1500 words (1400-1600)

MLA formatting

At least 3 outside sources quoted in your paper and on a properly formatted Works Cited page

A similarity score between 25% and 35%

As many quotes are you need to support your points

Use sources previously used in the Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Bronzite, Dan. “The Hero’s Journey–Mythic Structure of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth.” Movie Outline (2017).
The article above was published in 2017 but had no previous versions. The information provided is current to my study, especially considering that the article summarizes the steps in Campbell’s hero’s journey from the mythology book “A Hero with a Thousand Faces.” The information in this source is of the essence to my paper since it enables the building of my argument, which is, Beowulf is an example of the heroic cycle and the hero’s journey. Although I considered other sources, I found this to be elementary to my paper since the content of the article relates directly to my argument. The source is also suitable for a research paper since it helps build on the literature of myths and mythological theories. Further, the article essentially details the traditional three-act structure common to modern films while contrasting it against Campbell’s Monomyth theory.
The article’s author is Dan Bronzite, an accredited screenwriter. Dan has commissioned numerous feature scripts and written many specs. Also, two of the short films Dan has directed are award-winning with Dan having made significant contributions to the Script Magazine. Additionally, Dan’s experience with script writing and study of myths makes him a suitable critique of “Star Wars” in the context of mythology. The reliability of Dan’s article is the reference of scenes from the reviewed movie and Campbell’s book. The verification of these references is through watching the movie. Therefore, Dan effectively presents his objective perspective that heroes in films follow the same mythic structure that Campbell developed.
Campbell, Joseph. The hero with a thousand faces. Vol. 17. New World Library, 2008.
The original publication of the book was in 1949 while the revised version in 1968. However, there was a third version published in 1968. The information embedded in the book is current to my topic since it provides the blueprint of the original story I intend to explore in my paper. The book offers a description of the power and ability of the myth in transcending spiritual perspective, gender, culture, place and time. In this regard, the author employs the journey of the adventurous hero in developing various themes. In this regard, the source proves to be of the essence in developing my topic, which is, discussing Beowulf as an example of the heroic cycle and the hero’s journey. The source was my first consideration in building my paper since its information is at an appropriate level; that is, it serves as the primary source document for my work. I would use this source for a research paper since the author explores the theoretical context of mythological narratives in terms of structure.
Joseph Campbell is the author of the book. Campbell is renowned as a notable American mythologist and philosopher whose work has appealed to many contemporary artists, writers, and scholars. The employed mythological and philosophical qualifications and experiences of Campbell are crucial in the development of the content of the book. Alongside this, Campbell draws ideas from renowned theorists in developing his heroic model including the works of Freud Jung, James Joyce, and Heinrich Zimmer. In his book, Campbell persuades the readers that mythological narratives have a similar structure.
Gordon, Andrew. “Star wars: a myth for our time.” Screening the Sacred. Routledge, 2018. 73-82.
The publication of this source was in 2018. However, the information contained in this version of the book is slightly updated. The reprinted version proves to be of paramount significance in terms of providing current information for my paper. I find the information in this source relevant to my topic since it examines Campbell’s thesis that epic mythical heroes are dream-figure that liberate or offer salvation to the entire culture through a series of events (hero’s journey). The source exhibits a deep resonance and reinforcement for its audience through the archetypal situations and characters as well as multiple cross-references that provide emotional conventions. The book presents “Star Wars” in a traditional mythical patter in light of Campbell’s argument. Therefore, I may consider the source for a research paper since it provides a modern context of traditional mythical patterns.
The source is authored by Andrew Gordon who is both an American professor and writer. Gordon is renowned for his insightful talks on topics related to film, literature and science fiction. Therefore, the source embeds theories of mythology as derived from Campbell, which are relatable. Further, Gordon’s commentary on Star Wars in the context of mythology is attributable to his prolonged study of myth and determination to examine how films meet mythic criteria. The reliability of Gordon’s content is the fact that the author cross-references Campbell’s book and the Star Wars with high accuracy. Also, the source is free from typographical errors in its attempt to present Star Wars in a mythical adventurous pattern. Gordon uses this source to inform that the heroes in films meet mythological patterns.

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