Biography of an Outstanding Woman: Ida B wells

Biography of an Outstanding Woman: Ida B wells
Biography of an Outstanding Woman: Ida B wells

Biography of an Outstanding Woman: Ida B wells

Many important contributions have been made by women, people of color, and other under-represented groups who are not adequately recognized in present textbooks. The purpose of these biographies is to broaden your knowledge of the contributions of women. You will write 2 biographies, one of whom must be a person of color or from a country other than the United States or Western Europe. The woman may be a historical or currently living person. You must get approval for your choice from me. You must choose a woman who has made a significant contribution or broken barriers for women in one of the following areas:

• Leadership in the political arena
• Leadership in business, industry, inventions, or entrepreneurship
• Activism to benefit others, the environment, animals, etc.
• Scholarly achievements in the fields of social or natural science, math/computer science, the fine arts (art, music, theater), the humanities, etc.. Do not choose women who are known primarily for their entertainment activities like acting, singing, dancing, etc.
• Women warriors or military leaders; explorers, adventurers, astronauts, athletes, etc.

You will submit your biography to me using the File Exchange feature of your group. I ask Also, in the event that you have Office 07 or use any other program than what most students have (traditionally an earlier version of word), you need to save your document on an earlier version of word or as a rich text file (you do this by scrolling down after doing “save as” when you are ready to save your document).


Search the internet and the university library for resources. There are books at the library that contain information on women in a variety of scholastic and other areas. In addition, journals (e.g. Psychology of Women Quarterly) often have published biographies about significant women in specific fields. The Resource page for this course has links to many Internet resources for information on women in a variety careers and disciplines.

Content of Paper

Your biography should include the following information in this order:

Introduction: Begin your paper with a brief introduction of the woman and her accomplishments. Include an image of the woman.

Developmental Background History: This section should describe the person’s personal history, family background, and any historical, cultural, or sociological factors which influenced the development of the individual’ s goals, accomplishments, and work. Find images of the person’s country, family, homestead, etc. to illustrate the formative influences of the time and or culture she lived(s) in.

Educational-Occupational History: This section should describe the kinds of educational or training experiences the individual obtained. Be sure to note if opportunities for advancement were hampered by discriminatory practices of the time.

Major Areas of Contributions & Accomplishments: This section should describe in some detail the individual’s professional work and accomplishments. What contributions did they make to their field? What barriers did they have to break through? How is the world a better place because of their efforts? Include images where possible to illustrate her work or contributions.

Conclusion: Conclude your presentation with your personal impressions of the person and how she contributed to her field/area; explain why you choose to do this particular woman. What most impressed or inspired you about this woman?

Format of Paper: Put your name in header; use APA style headings and sub-headings for the different sections of the paper; double space the paper and use 1” margins. Include an APA reference page. The major headings are shown below; you can use sub-heading to organize larger sections under those headings if needed. Link to APA style is accessed through resource document on course information navigation tab on course page if further assistance is needed.

Biography of an Outstanding Woman: (Name of Woman Here)

  • Introduction (no heading)
  • Developmental Background History
  • Educational/Occupational History
  • Major Contributions
  • Conclusions

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