Biological research paper on Race

Biological research paper on Race
   Biological research paper on Race

Biological research paper on Race

At first glance, humans seem to vary greatly in their physical appearances, athletic prowess, intellectual ability, and ancestry. Some believe race is based in science, while others argue that race is a social construction. How might scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, theologians, or lay people define race? Does human race have any meaningful reason to be utilized in today’s world? Articulate an argument that describes whether race is still prevalent today, if racism is still rampant, and if there is any scientific or social benefit to the classification of humans. Please remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” answer here, as long as you support the position of the paper through primary literature.

Expectations and Guidelines:

– You must use a minimum of 10 sources. At LEAST 7 of which must be primary journal articles. – At least 3 primary sources must NOT have been used in class.
– Your paper is an upper division, college level, scientific research paper. Use the Writing in the Biological Sciences text from Biology 181/182 and Modes of Biological Thought to help you with formatting your paper. You may also look at primary journal articles for help with structuring the paper.
– The content of your paper must be a minimum of 10 pages in length
(NOT INCLUDING the title page / abstract)
– Use the “Arial” font in the font size 12. Use 1” margins on top, bottom, left and right. Use sentence spacing of 1.5” (do NOT double space).
– Submit paper as a Microsoft word document, Adobe pdf file, or google doc format.
– Be sure to check the Grading Rubric to identify expectations for this assignment and to ensure all points are being addressed.

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