Black Codes or Laws enacted after the Civil War

Black Codes or Laws enacted after the Civil War This week we are looking at the Black codes or laws that were enacted after the Civil War to oppress African Americans and prevent equality for people of color.

Black Codes or Laws enacted after the Civil War
Black Codes or Laws enacted after the Civil War

For the follow-up.

Look at the website that explains the History of Racist Laws in America.

Pick one law listed on the website “History of Racist Laws in America” and summarize the law for your peers. Do not limit yourself to only laws against African Americans…any law that goes against an American’s right for equality has a dramatic effect on the society as a whole.


You cannot pick the same law that someone else has already covered. So in the title of your post you need to list the law and the year. IF laws are duplicated, the first student to cover that law will get the credit. Make sure you know which law was covered.

Read two other peers laws and comment on the law.


Fugitive Slave Act 1793

Indian Removal Act 1830

Suppression of Native Religion

Fugitive Slave Act 1830

Foreign Miner’s Tax 1850

“Greaser Act” 1855

Black Codes (1860s)

Anti-Coolie Act 1862

Convict Lease System

Page Act 1875

Indian Schools

Chinese Exlcusion Act 1882

Dawes Act 1887

Scott Act 1888

Bennett Law 1889

Geary Act 1892

Plessy v. Ferguson 1896

Jim Crow Laws (1876-1965)

Day Law 1904

Gentleman’s Agreement 1907

Indian Citizenship Act 1924

Mexican Repatriation 1929-39

Indian Termination Policy

Japanese Internment 1942

Operation “Wetback” 1954


Anti-Misegenation Laws

Literacy Tests for Voting

Poll Taxes

Women’s Right to Vote

Marriage Equaliter Format (use of appropriate style for the major and assignment)

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