Black Pop Culture and Renaissance Fighting Racism

Black Pop Culture and Renaissance Fighting Racism Here is what my annotated bibliography looked like. you should get a pretty good description here:
Austin Garcia
Metropolitan LA 180
Professor Dr. James
4 October 2013
Annotated Bibliography

Black Pop Culture and Renaissance Fighting Racism
Black Pop Culture and Renaissance Fighting Racism

Widener, Daniel L. "’Way Out West’: Expressive Art, Music, And Culture In Black LA." Emergences: Journal For The Study Of Media & Composite
Cultures 9.2 (1999):
271-89. Print.
The black culture of music and art was able to provide the African American’s of Los Angeles as a way to express their feelings and ideas. Behind the lyrics,
instruments, paintings, and drawings reside emotion and deeper message.

Black Pop Culture and Renaissance Fighting Racism through Music and Art

Within the message, musicians and artist would try to find ways of expression that
the audience could relate to. The Black Art’s Movement was able to promote better education and political views. As cultural development progressed and became more prevalent, more organizations contributed funds to local black cultural institutions. It provided different means of expression (music, art,
literature, etc.) that would help blacks fight racism. This movement was ultimately beneficial and carried African American’snot only in Los Angeles, but
throughout the nation, through the struggle of gaining Civil Rights.
Kenneth, Marcus H. " Living the Los Angeles Renaissance." A Tale of Two Black Composers 91.1 (2016): 55-72. Print.
Bruce Forsythe and Claudius Wilson were two composers that used music and art to help fight racial matters. Los Angeles, California was rapidly expanding in terms of population. These two men contributed in a period where art and music were appreciated for breaking down racial barriers. Many people reached out to the artistic period to reach unity in communities. The Renaissance fortunately guided blacks in seeking to resolve racial tensions.
Daniels, Douglas Henry. " Los Angeles Zoot." Race ‘Riot,’ the Pachuco, and the Black Music Culture 87 (2002): 98-118. Print.
The source argues that the black and mexican popular culture was promoted by the "zoot-zuit" riots that occurred during 1943 in Los Angeles. Many minorities sought to express their emotions. Through music and other forms of art, artists and advocates could seize tensions. Drawing, singing, painting and so forth, helped the discriminated to reveal their message and opinions. Progressively, racial matters would be eased partially due to the Renaissance.
Hoskyns, Barney. " The City That Celebrates Itself." Los Angeles on Los Angeles 24.3 (2012): 316-24. Print.

Black Pop Culture and Renaissance Fighting Racism and Black Community

The article introduces how white pop culture interacts to the black community in 1975. Bands, such as the Beach Boys, talk about drug use in Los Angeles, primarily around Watts and how cocaine was involved throughout the city. The involvement of drugs contributed to the themes of poverty, gangs, and a minority lifestyle. Music was a key artifact to dissolve and break down barriers that separated minorities from whites. Communities started to become more distinct in terms of lifestyle. Music influenced certain artists and gangs to pursue a better lifestyle, but sometimes gangs would use it as an inspiration to carry on with how their living.
Grant, Elizabeth. " Gangsta Rap." The War on Drugs and the Location of African-American Identity in Los Angeles 21.1 (2002): 12-16. Print.
This source depicts the idea that hip hop and rap music formed groups in the pop culture. Through these forms of music, identities and reputations were being made about groups within communities. The war on drugs erupted because of this gangsta rap and hip hop that was being played in the black communities in Los Angeles. Violence and riots were begun due to these identifications made by certain black groups. It was hard to solve and ease the war between white and blacks, while inter community violence was occurring.

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