Blacks and Jewish relationship Project Paper

Blacks and Jewish relationship project
Blacks and Jewish relationship Project

Blacks and Jewish relationship Project Paper

Your final assignment will be a close analysis of a historical or contemporary figure, a historical event, a news story, or a cultural artifact that deals with the issues explored in class. The analysis must be based on a strong, original scholarly argument. This project will not be a traditional essay, although it will require serious research and it must include a paragraph articulating your argument. Your project can be in the form of a digital presentation (e.g., PowerPoint), a website, a song, a YouTube video, a painting, a comic book—you decide! Be creative. No matter how you choose to convey your ideas, we will be looking for a project that makes a strong argument and uses scholarly evidence to support it. Your project must be accompanied by an annotated bibliography . **** i don’t want a power point, bid on the order and talk to me if you have any better idea on the project, project must be related on the material we learned in the course, ( i will provide the material , articles in the files.) and the format requirement for the annotated bibliography.

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