Blockchain Book Writing for Beginners

Blockchain Book Writing for Beginners  Looking for the right candidate to help us write a 100 – 300 pages book about block chain use these words for writing  bitcoin | guide | contracts | smart | future | cryptocurrency | ethereum Blockchain Book Writing for Beginners

Blockchain Book Writing for Beginners

The audience as the book title specify, are for beginners, not developers, engineers or high level academic.
As a clear example, in the first chapters we want to explain block chain as we were explaining to first to a 5 years old: basic concepts of trade, the actors in a transaction, the value we give to products and services, and how TRUST is a corn stone since the dawn of trade.
Chapters continue evolving getting more technical, but keeping in mind our audience, always when some more complex concepts arise, need to explain using simple daily life metaphor. Blockchain Book Writing for Beginners
Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto-currencies removed from all the hype and “the Dutch Tulip” or “Gold rush” from the equation. Explained simple as a tool for the future.
Block chain projects will like to cover are:
– Supply Chain Blockchain Book Writing for Beginners
– Salmon “from hook to fork” (Food sector, tractability, transparency)
– Diamonds
– Fake medicament (Life&Science)
– Electric grid
Do you think there’s something new to add into the block chain topic ? maybe new Projects ?,
Thanks for reading.
Project Type: One-time project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
Have you ever read any book about Block Chain ?. Which one? Blockchain Book Writing for Beginners

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