Brain Differences Between Men and Women

Brain Differences Between Men and Women and Interactive Learning media collections Discussion Question 1 – What differences do you observe between the sexes?

Brain Differences Between Men and Women
Brain Differences Between Men and Women

How might you explain them using what we have learned so far?
Do you think these differences are related to brain or hormonal differences or learning and socialization?
Discussion question 2- Choose one of the four interactive Learning media collections for this session that was the most meaningful to you, either because you could see how to apply the knowledge to your own learning or just because you found it especially interesting. Answer the questions below. The points you are awarded for this discussion will be based on how well your post demonstrates your comprehension of the interactive learning module of your choice. Look at them all, but choose one to discuss in your main posting.
Obstacles of problem-solving
Interference – a theory of forgetting
Ian information-processing model of memory
Which Learning concept above was most useful to you?
How can the concepts you have learned about thinking (see above modules) help you improve your performance at work or your study habits?

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