Brainstorm a thesis statement for your Coursework

Brainstorm a thesis statement
   Brainstorm a thesis statement

Brainstorm a thesis statement

The purpose of this project is to use a writing process to develop a successful college paper.

Day 1: Brainstorm a thesis statement for your paper. What question are you going to answer in your paper? Keep brainstorming until you feel good about it. Then show it to your teacher or writing tutor. Get suggestions before you move ahead.

Day 2: Draft your paper. To support your thesis, use the data you have already collected. Take your draft to your teacher or to a writing tutor. Ask them to review it with you and make suggestions.

Day 3: Revise your draft. Take into account suggestions from your collaborators.

Day 4: Edit and proofread your paper. Fix problems, clear things up, proofread using spelling and grammar check.

Day 5: Record your impressions of these experiences. How did it go? What did you learn about the writing process? What worked well for you? What questions do you have?

– You need to explain day’s activity with enough details. Don’t forget this is an experiment that can change your writing process and become your one good habit.

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