Brief Statement Problem on Information Systems

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Brief Statement Problem on Information Systems

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Brief Statement Problem on Information Systems Sample Answer

Brief Statement of Problem

In the current world of technology, there have been new practices that ought to be followed in an organization or company. These new practices require the employee information is changed to fit the current practices in the workplace (Lacity & Hirschheim, 2012). These changes have taken some time to record due to the manual nature of changing the information on each employee. In turn, the time wasted has caused other functions of the organization to be delayed over time. Functions include issuing paychecks, deductions on the payroll, and updating of information on employees who have been transferred. Therefore, wrong mailing information may be sent to the wrong address due to the limitations of the manual system of handling employee information. Then the information also takes days to be inputted into the computer system.

Brief Statement of Expected Solution

The company has been approached to acquire a new system using state of the art technology. The new system will digitize all their computing systems for the company to provide quality service to their customers. There was the need to modernize the company’s resources to ensure efficient handling of information including employee details, time, attendance and payroll, which is part of phase one of the plan to modernize the companies resources (Lacity & Hirschheim, 2012). The task is to create an employee service system. This system will be developed to handle effectively the information of the employees to ensure efficient management of the employees of the organization.

Problem Statement

The current system has an outdated database and file technology. The solution for the new system will be web-based enterprise level system that will effectively ensure the security features function appropriately. The new system will not use the employee roster that is time-consuming and wastes a lot of money, however, the new system will ensure that the attendance of the employee is recorded in solid records that cannot be destroyed in any way. The new system will also enhance the management and the chain of command in the company. Essentially, the new system will have an easy to use GUI, which will help the employees of the organization understand how the system works, as opposed to a static graphics system. The system will ensure that the data on the employees will be recorded online by the employees himself. This will save the organization time on the overhead handling of employee information. Also, there will be efficiency since the details will be recorded by the employees themselves thus the accuracy of the information is guaranteed (Lacity & Hirschheim, 2012).  The new system will be purchased and adapted to the organization to fit into the strategic goals of the organization for a modernized system. Essentially, the information about the employees on the mainframe system is sometimes redundant and inadequate or has some errors. However, the new system will ensure that the data stored in the database is not redundant, is efficient, valid, has integrity and is working according to the strategic goals of the organization. The new system will ensure that the information on the current employees is updated as it is required this will ensure that the information is current and therefore, there will be no mistakes made when sending company mailing to a certain employee (Lacity & Hirschheim, 2012). Hence, it will be an efficient system that addresses the information needs of the specific organization

Brief Statement Problem on Information Systems Reference

Lacity, M. C., & Hirschheim, R. (2012). The information systems outsourcing bandwagon. Sloan management review, 34.

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